Parent Information


Each player must have a physical turned in to tryout.
If your son is playing or has played another sport, they are good on physicals
Please give the physicals directly to Coach Payne.

Rank One

You’ll find the required Athletic Paperwork on DSISD’s website here
Please fill out this paperwork online prior to tryouts.


If you have any questions regarding RANK ONE, call 512-858-3037, Athletic Office

Athletic Participation Fee

Athletic Fee is a $125.00 one time fee that covers all sports. If your son is playing or has played another sport this school year, and has already paid, they are good to go!
If not, please pay this on Skyward Family Access or in person at the Athletic Office at the high school field-house.
Athletic fee MUST be paid before the first scrimmage in order to participate.
Please do not contact coaches regarding fee. Contact Athletic office: 512-858-3037

Coach, Player, Parent & Program Expectations




Player Expectations

Team 1st
Do everything they can to build skills to a point that can help program succeed
It is not about the individual, but more about the team as a whole
If they do not like their position in the program, then they need to work harder to get better, or get out of the way
Summer ball/select ball is about you, or the player. High school athletics is about US!
Team 1st!!!

Parent Meetings

Any emails, phone calls, etc…will be shared with your son.
Parent meetings will be held on non-game days, and we will not discuss playing time!
There is nothing you can say to me to play your son more, and there is nothing you can call me to make me play your son less.
Save the DRAMA, nobody likes it or wants it around!
It’s about the kids, not you.

Parent Expectations

We understand that your child is one of your biggest investments.
We’ll treat them with respect and fairness, while demanding their best in all they do.
Be supportive of all teams and program.
Dugout is off limits! If you want to coach them from the stands, they will join you.
Let us have them! We’re excited to have the opportunity to coach them!!!


Coaches’ contact info
Follow chain of command; player to coach, player to head coach, player to A.D.
Parent meetings will be held on non-game days, and we will not discuss playing time.
Please schedule by email.
All meetings will include parent, player and coach, NO EXCEPTIONS!
Players can meet with coach anytime it’s convenient for both coach and player.
Promote self-advocacy for son.

Practice Times

Varsity: 2:50-4:50
Sub-Varsity: 4:45-6:30
Some practices may be bullpen only or cage work only for days that late games are being played at the field(coach will notify ahead of time)
There will be days during the week that sub-varsity will not practice. Coaches will give sufficient notice of those days.

Missed Practices

Player is responsible for texting or calling team coach if he is going to miss practice.
No call/no show w/out text or call will result in game suspension
Do everything possible to not miss practice.

Baseball Vs. Other Sports

All other sport athletes may practice with baseball team, but must finish season with other sport team.
Cannot miss games from other sport to play baseball game. If the schedule works, you can participate in both.
Together, we will work out this situation with other sport coach.

Injured Vs. Hurt

Use our trainers first. They can provide you with their resources. Use our orthopedic contact if possible.
Larry Lechow 512-858-3201
Kelly Stoots 512-858-3225
Training room opens at 7:45am during school week.
If your son gets hurt at practice, please have him tell a coach immediately.

Bad Weather or Game Cancellations

In the event a game has to be cancelled, you will be contacted by your son’s team communication representative – text, website, gmail, Remind, etc.


Varsity will ride bus to and from ALL games
During District, due to duration of games and trip lengths, Sub-varsity will ride to All games, but may ride home ONLY w/Parent and must sign out with team coach


District follows the U.I.L. NO-PASS-NO PLAY calendar guidelines.
Please follow the district’s 6-week grading period closely.

Code of Conduct

The baseball team will adhere to the DSISD Student Code of Conduct and will have to sign an athletic policy for Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct
Must be signed in order to play


Violations of student code of conduct, athletic policy, and but not limited to the following: excessive discipline/behavior issues in the classroom, bad emails at school during the season, poor decisions outside of school premises will result in consequences.

Detrimental Behavior Policy

Players, who in coaches’ judgment, have done something that brings embarrassment or humiliation to the Baseball Program.
This includes any social media violation
Overstepping the boundary of discipline deemed detrimental by the coaches
Must be signed to play


Player ejected from a game will serve a 1 game minimum suspension
Includes coach’s discretion of negative (unsportsmanlike conduct) behavior on game field