Issued Gear


Maroon & White Uniforms
White and/or Grey Pants
Maroon Belt
Maroon Helmet
Catcher’s Gear- if applicable
Equipment Bag


Maroon, White & Grey Uniforms
White and/or Grey Pants
Maroon Helmet / White Helment
Equipment Bag
Catcher’s Gear- if applicable
Grey Pullover

Required Gear


Maroon Nike pre-game shirt- $19.25
Grey Nike dri-fit shirt- $19.25
Maroon Game Hat- $20.00 (may purchase multiple)
Black Nike dri-fit shirt- $19.25
Gameday Fishing Shirt- $36.00
¾ Sleeve -$23.00
Maroon cage jacket- $39.00
New Balance WHITE or BLACK Cleats


Maroon Nike dri-fit- $19.25
Black Nike dri-fit- $19.25
Grey Nike dri-fit- $19.25
3 Hats $20.00 ea. Maroon, white , grey
¾ Maroon sleeve -$23.00
All Season Short Sleeve – $33.00
Gameday Fishing Shirt-$36.00
Maroon cage jacket- $39.00 (Will have player number on collar)
New Balance 4040V4 WHITE Sunset Pack Cleats- SEE BELOWPlease purchase these from your favorite retailer.

Daily Practice Gear


DS hat on straight
White or grey pants
Long socks-white, black, maroon
Maroon Belt

DS shirts tucked in (following weekly schedule posted in locker room)
Spikes or cleats
Sleeves when colder than 75
Always keep tennis shoes in locker

How to Pay for Gear

Please bring a check with you to the Parent Meeting for the correct amount on Thursday, February 1, 2018 in the DSHS Lecture hall.

Checks payable to: DSHS BASEBALL

Varsity- $248.75
JV- $175.75
Freshman- $175.75

Team Shoes

All Levels

New Balance – 4040v4 White Sunset Pack Metal Cleat